Chain, enhancing the corporations competitiveness in this complex
In order to accomplish this, we offer the following services:
Redirection of goods

  • Storage
  • Labeling
  • On bond warehouse
  • Distribution
  • Overhaul of packages
  • Forwarding in Panamá (storage, consolidation , labeling , previous,
    redirection to México, and South America)
  • Origin review (China)


Comprehensive services and department stores.


In Grupo Logistics we have developed special dedicated teams to meet customer requirements and needs that require us to ensure that responses in a timely manner. This leads us to approve the customs service in all regardless of culture and way of working of each city and office. Our databases are very timely in audits with various agencies for pre-classification of goods before arrival at customs, which helps us to have the tariff to make the pro forma motion even without having reviewed the goods physically, releasing in less time custom products. By offering the service of various links of the supply chain as customs, transport and Verification Unit, we help the client to have your merchandise in a timely manner in the Distribution Center and give the information you need on time, reports, invoices and response to emails. It is monitored daily to be done according to the agreement with the client and be able to solve any deviations that may arise.

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