Our Founder’s Introduction

We have been serving over 29 years since the opening of the first company Grupo Logistics. These years have been filled with hard and constant work that make us who we are today.

Today’s México seems like a troubled one, but we look at it from a different perspective: from the international commerce scope. We anticipate great opportunities in the international business arena for our country.

At the end of 2015, we will have handled goods worth over $ 8.000 million ( including more than $ 1.300 million in retail, which makes us leaders in the segment ), more than 90,000 motions and more than 85,000 trailer containers operating in the import and export services. These numbers clearly reflect the trust our customers have in us as well as the safety and security of knowing we manage their operations effectively.

Moving over $4,000 million dollars worth of merchandise for the maquiladora industries , automotive , metalworking , manufacturing and agribusiness , has given us the experience and knowledge that is required to select a reliable supplier with dedication and integrity.

We are an LLP ( Lead Logistics Provider) whose specialty is custom designed for the operation of foreign trade for each of our clients. We serve the North American market (Canada , USA and Mexico ) and Asia .

In a single platform of information, we dispose everything about international freight, forwarding , customs clearance , domestic freight, distribution centers, and final delivery to our clients. This system is available in our computers, tablets, and smartphones, allowing us to offer our customers real-time information , with consistency, certainty and above all, trust.

In Grupo Logistics, more than a logistics integrator, we are a strategic partner to our customers and a key link in the international chain.

We are trust that moves business.

Presidente del Consejo de Accionistas y Fundador
Grupo Logistics

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