Challenges of logistics, security and Weather

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Just in time in retailers


Grupo Logistics has developed both technological and operational tools to improve the efficiency in transit times, the correct application of regulations, and non-tariff restrictions on imported goods by retailers.

The challenge of providing multi customs services, coordinated simultaneously under a single operating system and a single operations manual, provides sync and homogeneity in each and every trade transaction, even if different means of transport and entry ports are involved.

On the other hand, consolidating into a single database the universe of products and reflecting detailed information on each one, it is enough for the purchasing department to make wise decisions when placing an order, allowing seamless flow in the supply chain.

The monitoring of the process as a whole, particularly in maritime operations, allows to the different actors to visualize the participation in each segment, offering alternatives when appropriate, to avoid the disruption of the supply chain. This is monitored on a single screen where every provider supplies their corresponding segment.

For the management and handling of certain products, we have developed exclusive modules that can reduce costs and increase efficiency in its distribution process. One example is the import and parquet marbeteo store for table wines.

Likewise, communication with the client is offered through a single contact, which is required to consolidate information from different customs or entities involved and offer answers to any opportunity that may arise.

Comprehensive services and department stores.


In Logistics Group we have developed special dedicated teams to meet customer requirementsand needs that require us to ensure that responses in a timely manner. This leads us to approve the customs service in all regardless of culture and way of working of each city andoffice. Our databases are very timely in audits with various agencies for pre-classification of goods before arrival at customs, which helps us to have the tariff to make the pro forma motion even without having reviewed the goods physically, releasing in less time custom products. By offering the service of various links of the supply chain as customs, transport and Verification Unit, we help the client to have your merchandise in a timely manner in the Distribution Center and give the information you need on time, reports, invoices and response to emails. It is monitored daily to be done according to the agreement with the client and be able tosolve any deviations that may arise.

Operation and updates on foreign trade.


In Logistics Group we have developed processes that ensure quality operations in our statements to customs, ensuring the tranquility of our customers, even in cases of audit by the customs and tax authorities Similarly, in Logistics Group we are aware that the regulations applicable to foreign trade and customs is very dynamic, so we keep updated studying the laws and regulations published in the Official Gazette, even giving courses to our employees and customers. We keep our current managers receiving regulatory criteria firsthand, straight from the authority issuing those provisions, that is why we are part of some associations as IMECE (Mexican Executives Institute for Foreign Trade), the INA (National Institute autoparts ) and CAAAREM (Confederation of Customs Agents of Mexico). Regarding the current global issue, security is a priority and the proof is that we have the NEEC CTPAT and certifications. Our COO has over 25 years experience in information technology and foreign trade and rapporteur of specialized conferences in foreign trade and customs, providing high reliability in our customs operations, which translates into confidence for our customers. He has also worked in the Ministry of Finance, CAAAREM and specialized consulting firms and systems development. Provide traceability in each of the shipments of our customers, which is reflected in a, safe, informed and transparent operation time. All this translates into confidence. We have standard processes structured and optimized operation, designing special adaptations according to the needs of our customers.

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