The complexity of the retail and the logistics in a simple way.

On March 19 within the framework of EXPO 2015 ANTAD, we present our book entitled “The complexity of RETAIL AND LOGISTICS simply” in which we capture and explain the various customs and foreign trade figures used by retail stores retail calls RETAIL, sighted solutions to the daily problems of getting the goods to the shelf in optimum condition, the deadline, and with an appropriate cost, overcoming the customs difficulties that account for the vast amount of non-tariff regulations requiring the national and international law, with strict adherence to the law; contributing to the federal government to properly perform both calculation and payment of contributions due to the importation of goods.

In this book we try to use simple language, that could facilitate the understanding of the various issues, without thereby have forgotten the necessary rigor in the analysis to address each topic. The goal is for anyone interested in foreign trade, it is aware of the complexity of the legal management – Logistics of Retail, and how to make the goods available to the end customer on time and in optimum condition, being rigorous in application of the law.

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